The Chicago Weight Program at 150 E. Huron

Welcome to Chicago Weight, a weight management program for the adults. We offer to patients with excess weight a customized weight management plan according to a comprehensive care model where delivery of care is both interdisciplinary and personalized. This individualized plan will include weight loss strategies, dietary plans, exercise, and behavior modifications with the goal of helping patients adapt to and maintain lifestyle conducive to weight control and general health and may include medications and surgery to accommodate the full spectrum of weight management needs

Additionally the Chicago Weight Program at 150 E. Huron treats obesity-related comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and obstructive sleep apnea in a multidisciplinary specialized approach which is centered on promoting weight loss and improving cardiovascular health.

The Mission

The primary mission of the Chicago Weight Program is to help patients manage their weight and any medical conditions associated with excess weight. A highly skilled interdisciplinary team, which includes physicians in various specialties, dietitians, exercise specialists, and psychologists, will help patients to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

This specialized team of professionals will:

  1. Assess the weight problem and exclude secondary causes of weight gain, including drug induced weight gain.
  2. Recommend ways to change behavior that suits patients’ needs and personality to ultimately help patients manage their weight.
  3. Evaluate the patients‘ risk factors for major life-threatening chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke.
  4. Assess the presence of obesity associated comorbidities such as diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea and provide/refer for counseling and treatment for those conditions.
  5. Determine if bariatric surgery would be a good option for patients and if so, collaborate with the Center for Surgical Treatment of Obesity at the University of Chicago in guiding the patient through the surgery, follow-up care, and adjustment period.
  6. Help patients manage their diabetes and other comorbidities before and after the bariatric surgery procedure.