Expedited CPAP Care Program

If ordered by your physician, Expedited CPAP Care can save you time while optimizing your care with CPAP therapy. In line with our mission to deliver the best service, should you be diagnosed with sleep apnea, we will help set up the CPAP therapy before you leave the sleep center. With Expedited CPAP Care, you will be seen by a sleep specialist approximately 31–45 days after being treated with CPAP to address any problems you may have with the device.

Adherence with Therapy Counts

To assist your doctor in the effective management of sleep apnea, we are committed to improving patients adherence with their CPAP therapy to ensure optimal outcomes. We provide expert clinical and technical resources in a supportive setting from the moment patients are diagnosed in our sleep lab.

Immediate CPAP set up. With your physician's prior approval, patients who clearly meet the clinical criteria for CPAP therapy will be set up with new CPAP machines at our sleep center the morning following their study. An independent CPAP provider with whom we’ve established strict follow-up criteria provides the machines and educates patients on proper use.

Checkpoints at 7, 30 and 60 Days. In collaboration with the CPAP provider, patients are monitored at key points to make sure they are using their CPAP therapy as prescribed. The patient’s actual nightly home use of CPAP is monitored in the initial months using digital card recordings. Quantitative data of actual pressure applied, the frequency of airway obstructions and mask leakage is collected, which allows our proactive response to problems in coordination with the CPAP provider.

Troubleshooting and Support. The CPAP provider reports to us any obstacles that patients have regarding CPAP therapy, and also their intervention efforts to help with adherence. Our clinical staff is dedicated to helping patients with problem resolution through no-cost consultations and mask-fitting clinics.

After 60 Days. Patients who are adherent after 60 days have a higher likelihood of continuing with proper CPAP therapy. We inform patients of our support services through e-mail, mailings, telephone surveys and our Web site. A.W.A.K.E. support group meetings are offered bimonthly for continued education and information regarding management of sleep disorders. A.W.A.K.E. (Alert, Well, And Keeping Energetic) is part of a national network of support groups devoted to helping people with sleep disorders.

Time Matters

While attending to your diagnostic and treatment needs, we will keep your physician informed quickly and concisely about any issues regarding your sleep disorder.

Quick Turnaround of the detailed findings of the sleep study will be provided by our board certified sleep medicine specialist.

A Consultation with an expert, board certified sleep specialist, will occur approximately 31-45 days after initiation of CPAP therapy. This ensures that you achieve optimal outcomes in the management of your sleep disorder.