Personalized Health Prevention

Personalized Health Prevention

Welcome to the Program for Personalized Health & Prevention led by physician faculty from the University of Chicago Medical Center. Established in 1999 as the Program for Executive Health, our health care team provides comprehensive full-day physical exams for individuals and corporations seeking the best that medicine has to offer.

Our goal is to combine unparalleled health care with exceptional service. We create a customized medical visit for each individual based on current health, personal lifestyle, and family medical history. We deliver expert clinical diagnosis, disease prevention, and a roadmap for lifestyle change.

Our Mission

We perform a comprehensive assessment of your health and learn your individual health goals. Your physician evaluates information from numerous sources: your comprehensive pre-visit questionnaire, your personal health records, and an in depth full-day assessment with our expert clinical team.

We educate you about your body, specific risk factors, and how to take decisive action to improve your health and prevent disease. At the end of the day, we provide you with a Personalized Health Portfolio, empowering you to actively participate in your own health care to reach your goals.

Knowing what to do is not enough. Plans must be put into action. After creating a roadmap, our team can help you achieve the pinnacle of your personal health. If we discover a health issue or gain insights into existing issues, we will collaborate with your physicians or our own team of specialists for further diagnosis and treatment.

Our physicians, nurses, dietitians and exercise physiologists are the core of our team. As part of the world-renowned University of Chicago Medical Center, we collaborate with some of the brightest minds in health care. Our specialists may be consulted at the time of your visit or at a follow-up appointment.

We provide access to our services at the Medical Center and at our downtown Chicago location.

We look forward to your visit with us.

Best regards,
William Harper, MD
Medical Director
Program for Personalized Health & Prevention