Cardiovascular Health

Our heart physicians helped create the guidelines used worldwide to diagnose and treat the spectrum of cardiovascular diseases. Now we’re taking our last 50 years of knowledge and research to push interventional heart care from reactionary medical treatments towards preventive risk assessment capable of averting catastrophic events before they happen.

A distinct group of cardiology experts from a variety of disciplines is available at 150 East Huron. Together these cardiologist are working to make appropriate use of the latest imaging tests and therapies to assess your risk and take the action steps necessary to avoid an adverse cardiac event. Your treatment won’t be dictated by the type of specialist you encounter first. You will benefit from a coordinated team designed to increase your access to not only care but to a complete understanding of your heart and vascular status.

By pairing what we know about genetics with a personalized understanding of your history and risk factor profile, we can complete a risk assessment, early detection or diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. Our comprehensive program covers the range of cardiovascular conditions, such as heart rhythm disorders, artery blockages or atherosclerosis, as well as heart valve diseases. Physicians are also prepared to treat cardiometabolic diseases tied to sleep disorders, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity and genetic diseases.

In the past, we have taught thousands of physicians to understand how to react to disease. Now, we teach them to prevent it. Let us help prevent your disease and teach you what we know.